You can book Liv Kristine for a 3-4 hour masterclass for groups of singers and non-singers, children, music students, for high schools, academies etc. These were some of the themes taught in Cyprus, February 2023:

⁃ Karmasonic: Becoming my VOICE- a lifelong experience.

⁃ The benefits of singing.
⁃ VOICE awareness – breath, connection, resonance, visualisation.
⁃ Singing – a natural talent, a skill or is it part of language acquisition?
⁃ Authenticity in voice. Courage/Confidence (pitch-matching, amusia). Identity and motivation.
⁃ Experience various singing techniques. Awareness of vocalisation
– „Feeling it“.
⁃ Tricks for stage & studio (warm-up, pose, mental setting, stage Fear, wellness/vocal chords, resonance with your audience etc.)