Allegro Talent Media: “We’re very proud to reveal the new artwork and tracklist of the upcoming Liv Kristine repressed album “Enter my Religion”.It will be released on 19th August 2022.

“Enter my Religion” was remastered in Stage One Studio (Legion of the Damned, Nervosa, Krisiun)  by Andy Classen.Artwork by ArtWars Mediadesign.


1 Over the Moon 

2 Fake a Smile 

3 All the Time in the World 

4 My Revelation

5 Coming Home 

6 Trapped in your Labyrinth 

7 Blue Emptiness 

8 You Are the Night 

9 Enter my Religion 

10 Streets of Philadelphia 

11 You Take Me Higher 

12 For a Moment 

13 Over the Moon (Demo)*

14 Trapped in your Labyrinth (Demo)*

15 You Are the Night (Demo)*

16 Streets of Philadelphia (Demo)*

17 You Take Me Higher(Demo)*

18 Stjernenacht (unreleased) *

19 Woman in Me (Demo)*

20 One Thought Closer (unreleased) **

21 Trapped in your Labyrinth – Piano **

22 Fake a Smile – Piano ***

23 Enter my Religion (Demo)***

24 For a Moment (Demo)***

* Digi Sleeve bonus tracks only ** 7″ bonus track only  *** Tape bonus tracks only

It will be released as gold & white LP + bonus 7″ (lim.300), digi sleeve double CD (lim. 500), tape GOLD EDITION (lim. 100) and digital. The bonus 7″ & digisleeve, and tape will be available only as first pressing”.cid:114DA59F-0071-4408-B109-FFF10C4A5221