Album CD “Enter my Religion” with signature


Digi- Sleeve Double CD (Lim. 500)




CD 1:

1 Over the Moon

2 Fake a Smile

3 All the Time in the World

4 My Revelation

5 Coming Home

6 Trapped in your Labyrinth

7 Blue Emptiness

8 You Are the Night

9 Enter my Religion

10 Streets of Philadelphia

11 You Take Me Higher

12 For a Moment

CD 2:

1 Over the Moon (Demo version)

2 Trapped in your Labyrinth (Demo version)

3 You Are the Night (Demo version)

4 Streets of Philadelphia (Demo version)

5 You Take Me Higher (Demo version)

6 Stjernenacht (unreleased)

7 Woman in Me (Demo version)

8 One Thought Closer (unreleased)

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